The creator

Marie Starek was born in 1986 in Paris. As a child, those close to her called her Madame Bijou. Marie thinks that the human body does not have enough fingers to wear all the rings she likes. She began her professional career as a stylist assistant at the Marie Claire group. Then, she became a fashion editor for several magazines such as Elle, Cosmopolitan, etc. and carried out styling and image consulting for advertising campaigns and fashion look books.

It was in 2009 that Marie realized her obsession by creating the jewelry division for a women's magazine with which she collaborated for more than 10 years. The desire to embark on your own adventure is never far away. Notebooks full of ideas, screenshots, moodboards... without ever taking the plunge.

But, two children later, a change of life, other desires, a need for freedom and to challenge oneself, the audacious bet of setting up one's own brand was launched. It was then that in February 2021, the brand was born and collection 01 was born.


Create unique and durable jewelry with a desire to pass on because Marie likes the idea of ​​her creations having several destinies. She thus breathes new life into old coins that she finds for their beauty and originality. The result is jewelry that carries stories with an extra touch of soul and meaning. Precious jewelry to wear every day of your life.